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  1. Hi Betsy. I am requesting the E/M utilization data of Primary care and internal medicine clinicians as well as nurse practitioners to compare their profile with one another and the CMS norm.

  2. Is it acceptable for your TCM visit to be conducted at the patients home? what about assisted living facilities?

    • Yes, the face-to-face required service may be performed in the patient’s home or an assisted living facility. It may not be performed in a SNF or long term care facility.

  3. Do you have statistics outside of CMS on the average percentages of levels of office visits for primary care? If not, what would you say to the comment that “Level 4’s are high in the CMS statistic because of the age group that CMS is tracking”. Also, can I assume that mid-level providers are included in the CMS statistic?

    • The only statistics I have are from CMS. MGMA used to have survey data, but I haven’t seen that in a long time. CMS tracks separate frequency data for each specialty, and puts all NPs, PAs, etc into one group, regardless of the specialty in which they work. While I think that older patients tend to have chronic problems, many patients under 65 have multiple chronic problems, as well.

  4. I have a question regarding when you start counting the total time for prolonged services. Example…records reviewed today (related to a recent visit), but doctor can’t call patient until tomorrow. Doctor spends total of 2hrs. Does he count the total time over the span of 2 days? Thank you for your help.

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